Yale Daily News

Daily News

Daily News is a newspaper published every day during the academic year by the students of Yale College. The paper is the oldest college daily newspaper in the United States and many of its alumni have gone on to notable careers in journalism and public service.

The newspaper is usually divided into several sections. The sections are usually arranged according to the time of day when they are published and the type of information they contain. For example, in the morning there may be world news and sports news, while in the evening there would be local and political news and entertainment. Each section also has its own headlines and subheads. The newspaper may also include photographs, comics, classified ads and an opinion page.

A typical newspaper has a staff consisting of journalists who gather and report the news, photographers who provide images for the articles, writers who write longer and less-news oriented articles, and columnists who express personal opinions on certain subjects. Some of the news-oriented journalists work in a specific field called a beat, while others focus on one particular topic.

Most newspapers are aimed at a general audience, although some cater to groups of readers more or less defined by their geographical location, such as businesspeople in a city or country, and some focus on specific types of news, such as celebrity gossip or local politics. Others, such as weekly newspapers, are limited to a single community, such as the local gay community or indie rock enthusiasts within a city or region.

Historically, newspaper publishers have used a variety of printing methods to attract attention and increase readership. Newspapers that use large ink or special paper are known as broadsheets, while those using smaller ink or a tabloid format are known as tabloids. Tabloids are typically half the size of broadsheets and are often perceived as sensational in contrast to the more intellectual broadsheets.

As of 2021, an anonymous alumnus has provided significant support to the Yale Daily News Archive project, which allows the archive to continue its migration to a new platform and allow for additions to the collection. The gift enables the archive to add issues from 1996 through 2021 and will help ensure the ongoing maintenance of the collection.

The News has been the campus newspaper of Yale College since 1878 and has a long tradition of covering breaking national and international news. It is a great tool for teaching students how to read and evaluate news articles. The first step in analyzing an article is to determine its purpose. To do this, the student must read the text and figure out if it is meant to inform, educate or entertain, as well as how and why. Once the student has determined the purpose of the article, they must then analyze the content and if possible, incorporate direct quotations to strengthen their analysis. The result will be an informed, thoughtful and compelling article.