Dealing With Gambling Addiction


Problem gambling is a hidden addiction that is a form of wagering on an uncertain outcome. It can be very harmful to your mental health and your relationships. Here are some signs of gambling addiction. You may be having a fun game of chance every once in a while, but soon enough, your game of chance is becoming a daily ritual. You may even start thinking of suicide or hurting your relationships because of your gambling habit. Here are some steps to take to get your gambling under control:

Problem gambling is a hidden addiction

Gambling is a fun and addictive pastime if it’s done in moderation. However, when a person becomes obsessed with gambling, the activity can be dangerous and debilitating. This type of addiction is often termed a “hidden” one because it shows few, if any, physical signs. While substance abuse may have noticeable signs, such as track marks or slurred speech, problem gambling shows no such physical symptoms.

It can lead to thoughts of suicide

Suicidal thoughts often accompany problem gambling, especially in people who are struggling financially. However, research shows that over 90% of people who commit suicide have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder. Of these, mood disorders are the most prevalent. Unlike substance abuse, mental disorders are not always treated the same way. In the case of gambling, treatment is not the same as that for substance abuse, but there is hope for problem gamblers suffering from suicidal thoughts.

It can damage relationships

Aside from damaging an individual’s financial status, problem gambling can also have a negative impact on a significant other’s life. Pathological gamblers are at increased risk of sexual assault, illicit lending, and petty theft of household assets. Problem gamblers also experience a significantly increased risk of family violence, including homicide. In fact, more than six out of ten pathological gamblers report having experienced physical abuse or physical assault.

It can destroy lives

Problem gambling affects everyone, regardless of age, gender, income, or education level. There are ways to recognize the signs of problem gambling and learn how to stop. The Russell Herder advertisements for online gambling help promote greater self-awareness, provide online resources, and remind us of the dangers of this addiction. Here are some tips for dealing with gambling addiction: